Aachal Ghimire

Art has become a huge part of my identity from a very young age. Growing up, I was told that I was a very imaginative and creative child by my family. I was always focused on creating drawings wherever I could. From doodling on walls as a child, to now painting and digitalizing illustrations through specialized graphic designing software, I believe I have come a long way.

Over the course of my time at UNH, my love for art continued growing. My dream was to enter the art field and have carried that with me through my journey here as part of the wildcats. My biggest aim while entering the creative community has always been to expand my knowledge and get hands-on experience with every medium there possibly is. I have always loved learning about the diverse world of art and the opportunities it creates for aspiring artists.

I have learned to love working with colors, viewing everyday objects more creatively, and further advancing that by working with technologies and programs used today in the artistic fields. I was able to continue this passion through my curiosity about graphic design. I love focusing on details, communicating ideas with people, using different software programs, and seeing my designs come to life through colors and other visual components.

I would like to continue utilizing this passion by exploring the colorful world of graphic design and taking what I have learned from my experience here at UNH into the designing industry. I want to continue focusing on expanding my knowledge of art and be willing to embrace the challenges that are ahead of me. As an artist and a graphic designer, I am also very determined to work in a collaborative environment with other designers/artists while exploring and communicating ideas with many clients in the future.