Brianna Michaels

Originally from Somersworth, NH, Brianna has been creating art since she first learned how to use a pencil. Brianna will be graduating from UNH in May 2022 with a BA in Studio Art/ Art Education.

Artist’s Statement

Detail and preciseness were the main two things my art was based upon before entering UNH. When I paint it’s with the intention of making someone smile or happy. I feel like I’m only scratching the surface of the art world and I have a lot left to learn about art and myself as an artist. I’m constantly learning new ways to create art and express myself through it.

Currently I am exploring more with creativity and the use of freedom with color and mark making. I am still someone who loves details and color matching but I expanded that to matching the tones of lights and darks using arbitrary colors. I recently started the exploration of arbitrary color and using a palette knife. I enjoy the movement of the palette knife as I apply paint on a canvas. It allows me to create more fluid movements and direction. I am currently exploring the further use of color and the use of palette knife both in mark making and the blending of colors directly on the canvas in my studies.