Alyssa Doust

I’ve always known I was meant to create, to be an artist. Lately I’ve been inspired to live and make more simply. I’m going back to my roots. Why I started drawing and painting and making in the first place.

Simply for me.

I’ve done many jobs for small businesses, designed for digital marketing, operated a few social media accounts, and none of it feels right. There’s this constant need for more. A buzz of greed or the cycle of algorithms, a never ending desire to please others. That’s not why I wanted to be an artist as a little girl. I wanted to satisfy a curiosity.

It’s about creating for the sake of creating. Drawing on paper, putting cheap paint on canvas, experimenting with type, all because I have an itch that needs to be scratched. Lately, my goal is to make things that feel right, not for money, not for popularity, not even for the public eye. Just making, being, feeling, and creating because there is a desire, not a demand.

So this portfolio is a stepping stone. I’ve tried a lot: 4 internships, 8 semesters of classes, plenty of commission work and I’m here. I’ve learned a lot and failed a lot, but I’m certainly ready to continue challenging myself, to simply slow down and create for myself.